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Wall Street Journal
Lettie Teague, October 8, 2016

Calera #4 - The Daily Meal
July 2016

The Underground Wineletter
June 2016

The Underground Wineletter
August 2015

Calera #4 - The Daily Meal
July 2015

Vineyard & Wine Management
October-November, 2014

The Underground Wineletter
September 2014

Wine & Spirits Magazine
27nd Annual Buying Guide, Winter, 2013

Wine Spectator
October 15, 2013

Wine Spectator logotype

Wine & Spirits Magazine
26nd Annual Buying Guide, Winter, 2012

Wine & Spirits Magazine
25nd Annual Buying Guide, Winter, 2011

Sommelier Journal
July 2009
Catherine Fallis, MS, ACWP

Wine & Spirits Magazine
Artisan wineries of the year
22nd Annual Buying Guide, October, 2008

Appellation America
January 3, 2008
Laurie Daniel

San Francisco Chronicle
December 7, 2007

Volume 6, Issue 38
September 2, 2007

Wall Street Journal
Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher
January 12, 2007

Washington Times
Paul Lukacs
August 2, 2006

The Great Wines of America
Paul Lukacs

San Jose Mercury News
Laurie Daniel
September 7, 2005
Robert Parker
Spring 2003

Eric Asimov
July 14, 2003

The San Diego Union Tribune, On Wine
Robert Whitley
Apr 3, 2002

TIME Magazine
David S. Jackson
Sep, 2001

New York Times, Wine Talk
Frank J. Prial
May 16, 2001

The Underground Wine Journal, Wine Tastings
Jim Burns
Feb, 2001

USA Today, Food & Wine
Jerry Shriver
June 2, 2000

The Wine News Magazine
Steve Pitcher
Oct/Nov 1999

Decanter Magazine
Steven Spurrier
May 1988

Adventures In Dining
Christopher Wier
Oct/Nov 1999